Innovate, Develop,
Create value

through a unique platform

Innovate, Develop,
Create value

through a unique platform


CLEMANN GROUP was born from discussion between professionals from the pharmaceutical industry including experts on pharmaceutical industrial affairs, research and clinical development, reaching one final observation: young innovative companies suffer from lack of expertise in those domains.

Along their 20 respective years of professional career in trend-setting and major structures in the industry, the founders of CG identified the necessary players – all experts on their own domains – for supporting the activities of innovative agents in the pharmaceutical field.

CLEMANN GROUP proposes an offer combining those multidisciplinary skills through a unique platform of expertise and development: differentiating itself from the current services provided by a market atomized and split by expertise domain.

Today, the conception and building of a development plan for a pharmaceutical product or medical device holds a determinant role within the scientific research. The quality of the development plan will rule the robustness and relevance of the results obtained along the different development phases. CLEMANN GROUP aims at supporting innovation by helping in the building of a development strategy that is innovative itself, and complying with the expectations of the different health authorities.

The technical and managerial expertise of the CLEMANN GROUP associates, fruit of complementary experiences, covers the galenic development, preclinical and clinical domains. Among parent companies and subsidiaries of pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechnology and services companies (CROs), the journeys of both associates also lead to develop numerous partnerships with experts of different research fields, private or institutional, and with the health authorities.

CLEMANN GROUP therefore proposes a tailor-made support, adapted and set in a long-term perspective, to scientists or young innovative companies carrying projects aiming at development new therapeutic solutions, whether for medicine or medical devices.



“JEI” certificate
In line with its innovative iniatives, CLEMANN GROUP has received the “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” certification – literally young innovative company – from the state of France.
It acknowledges and rewards the mindful investments in Research and Development (R&D) made by the structure, as well as its capital independency.


“CIR” certificate
CLEMANN GROUP benefits from its innovative and collaborative orientation by receiving the “Crédit Impôt Recherche” agreement – a Tax Credit agreement that enables the structure to continue and enhance innovative initiatives.
It enforces:

  • Fundamental or basic research activities – theoretical or experimental contribution to the resolution of technical issues
  • Applied research activities – possible applications of the results of fundamental research or finding new solutions
  • Experimental development activities – such as prototyping or pilot installations in any domain
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Medecines broker certificate
CLEMANN GROUP is able to support its Partners in making commercial deals for pharmaceutical products.
To carry out these operations, CLEMANN GROUP is officially registered by ANSM under the approval number CMED2017-002.

Christophe CLEMENT
Career resume Christophe Clément :
22 years of experience in CRO and support to biotechnology companies.
Skilled in clinical development plans and global project organization and management.
Strong experience in international clinical operations and budget assessments.
Strong understanding of customer needs and highly oriented to meet the expected goals.
Career resume Fabrice Heitzmann :
20 years of rich experience in Pharma industries and Biotechnology.
Expert in procurement with experience in a wide variety of Pharma products and supply chain methodologies.
Accomplished Procurement Specialist with a strong background in production planning and management.
Skilled in performing financial analysis to orientate the business.
Excellent problem-solving and strategic planning abilities to develop achievable workflows and allocate resources efficiently.
Proficient and highly customer oriented to meet the expected objectives.


Registration number : 789 676 087 R.C.S. Dijon / VAT number : FR 86 789676087

Registered offices : 72B rue des Marmuzots 21000 Dijon – France